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A List of Who's Who

  • Grand Master: HalfDome - After a long career in local government HalfDome brings a lifetime's experience of prevarication and indecision to the management of CH3. 
  • On Sex: Rent Boy and Red Bull - The nerve centre of CH3, these two organise the Hare Line to ensure a full programme of runs up to days ahead.
  • Mem Sec: Huggy Bear - An offshore tax exile, Huggy is responsible for the effective laundering of Hash Subs.No-one quite knows how he funds his extravagant lifestyle but was given the job by the former Grand Master and we are too afraid to ask.
  • Hash Cash: Plum Tart -  West Cumbria's marmalade baroness preserves the Hash's resources although frequent trips to Seville on expenses have been questioned.
  • Hash Horn: Rocky Rock - his horn may have come from e-bay but there is nothing cheap about the way he keeps the pack together on the fells.
  • Religious Advisor: Leopard Thong - Responsible for upholding the proud traditions and rituals of the Hash, with a mandate to moan if any gradient over 6 degrees is attempted.

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