Welcome to CH3

Welcome to Cockermouth Hash House Harriers

We meet at 11am on the first Sunday of the month, anywhere roughly within a half-hour drive of Cockermouth, and anyone is welcome to just turn up. Have a look at the Receding Hare Line below to find details of forthcoming Hashes.

We have running and walking groups (known as packs) and a normal hash will last around one and a half hours (give or take an hour...!!), and taking part costs £2.

What is Hashing?
If you have no idea what hashing is, checkout the rules here, and take a look at the UK Hash House Harrier Website for more info as we are far too idle to have a stab at a proper explanation!

Our next hash should have been on Sunday 5th April at 11.00am from Newlands Beck Bridge, grid ref. 241237, but alas it has had to be postponed.

Directions to the Hash

From Cockermouth:

From Keswick:

The Receding Hare Line (future runs)






5th April

Hash postponed


3rd May

Hash postponed


7th June

Hash postponed

News and Updates

We're in the papers!
For the October 2016 hash we were joined by Nicole Regan who writes a running column for the local Times & Star newspaper. She reported her experiences in the T&S Oct 14th edition.

Hares Wanted
If you've not set a Hash before but want to give it a try, shout up and we'll get one of the existing Hares to show you the ropes.

Recent Hashes
Read the latest Hash report (5th January 2020).
Check out past Hash reports on the Hash Trash page.

CH3 Milestones and Anniversaries
In his role as Hash Archivist, Leopard Thong has compiled a list of all the hashes in all the world - well at least those that we have put on over the years. To see the dates, locations and Hares, visit the Hash Trash page.

Founding Fathers Reunion

In preparation for the 250th Hash (Dec 2015 but postponed till Jan 2016 due to the floods), Founder Members Phil Davies (Muscles), John Knox (Yardfowl) and Barry Johnson (The Hasher with no name) met up with Leopard Thong and Half Dome to talk about old times and to look forward to the 250th run.

Yardfowl, the original On-Sec, later found some copies of the first issues of Hash News, which will appear soon on the Hash trash page. These papers, now released after the '20 year rule' was applied, confirm that the suspicions of MI5 were entirely justified and that Muscles might just have been 'The Fifth Man'.

New hash tee shirt

To commemorate 20 years of CH3 and the 250th Hash in January 2016 a new updated tee shirt was commissioned. In sky-blue polyester (a change from the traditional yellow), it features a new logo designed by Happy Sac.

Want one? Then email hashing@cockermouthhhh.org.uk - there may be one left in your size.

Other Hash Sites

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Find out more about our neighbours Lune Valley Hash by visiting their website.

Hashing World Wide
Check out the World Hash House Harriers website - we are not alone!